Private label

Are you seeking for some business opportunity?
Have you heard someone around you building her own online shop or salon?

Yesss, we can help you with it!!!

What we can offer:

  •     Design your own logo
  •     Print your own bags, boxes, business cards, gift cards
  •     Custom labels for lashes, glue, remover, shampoo, tweezer

What you need to do:

  •     Send a clearer file of your logo(if you have)
  •     Make a list of all the sizes/quantity you need
  •     Confirm our design photo
  •     Send payment and waiting for the branded items flying to you

How much do you charge:

  •     Label cost starts from $20 according to different sizes/quantity

What is your Minimum Order Quantity:

  •     MOQ starts from 50pcs according to different items

For more details and wholesale price please Contact: