Loose Handmade Volume Fans Lashes

Are you still struggling to be the perfect volume fans? Do you want to serve more customers in a limited time? Do you want to free your hands, eyes and cervical vertebrae?
Let SenseLashes help you!

Our factory has professional technicians to do handmade fans, and the longest length of service for technicians is 15 years. They spent a lot of time taking special courses to learn how to make handmade fans quickly and perfectly.

Our team believes that there are many beginners who don't have volume training, or don't want to spend a lot of time on fanning, so handmade lashes always has a place in the entire eyelash industry.Therefore, we don't hesitate to spend more energy and manpower on handmade lashes products, committed to providing quality products, to provide our customers with a variety of support.

And one standard that handmade artist knows is that handmade fans can be wrapped around natural eyelashes and will result in good retention and seamless bonding.

Traditional base premade lashes have no perfect tip, and if you zoom in and look at the cross section, you will find that it is on a line. The base is square/flat. It can't be well attached and fixed to the natural lashes because the contact area is very small. This is why we give up the traditional base premade lashes.

For the new pointy base handmade lashes, we have adjusted the fannning technology. It have a pinched / slim base. If you enlarge its cross section, you will find that it is no longer like traditional base premade lashes, but three-dimensional, stronger, and have more contact area, can be well attached to natural lashes. The new pointy base handmade lashes greatly reduces the requirements for lashartists, and even if you are a beginner, you can provide perfect eyelash service to your customers effortlessly. 

SenseLashes handmade fans will help you save time and provide mink experience at a fraction of the price! Of course, our Russian handmade mink fans are not cruel and are friendly to vegetarians.

How to use?

When you use them, please put the silicone gasket on a flat surface & close to your workspace, and take a bundle of loose fans you want to use, gently separate them with tweezers, and then start lashing. Or you can arrange them on double-sided tape before customers arrive, Each line is one size/curl/ diameter.


Color: Black & Brown
Volume: 4D/5D/6D/8D/10D/12D/14D/16D/20D
Thickness: 0.03mm/0.05mm/0.07mm
Length: 8mm-15mm single length & 8mm-15mm mixed length