Thin & Fast Ultra glue


Lash glue plays a key role in the perfect eyelash extensions look. If you are still looking for the best glue, please pay attention to us now.

Of course, the safety and anti-sensitivity of glue is our top priority, because nothing is more important than health. Our glue uses plant nano-extraction adhesive ingredients, only low stimulation, suitable for a variety of skin types. Formaldehyde-free, health guaranteed. 

I think there is another issue that everyone is very concerned about.

Can you still ensure that the lash extensions hold on client's lashes well when there is still water or oil left on the eyelashes?

The research in the field of eyelashes has never stopped, and the significance of scientific progress is to provide convenience for people, isn't it?

We are also committed to providing you with more quality and easy-to-use lash glue. Our glue is super waterproof and oil-proof. Even if you don't clean your customer's eyelashes perfectly, don't worry. Ultra glue can work well in water and oil environment.


SenseLashes lash glue is long-lasting and strong enough to break your imagination.

 The glue is very strong and lasts for 30-60 days, but it doesn't get stiff. Naturally sparse and soft after drying. When it dries, it is elastic and soft, and it doesn't whiten, making your eyelashes look natural.

You can also rub your eyes at will. The glue has a natural feel and won't make you feel stiff or uncomfortable.

All customers praised that it can withstand the inspection of high-definition cameras, and every eyelash will remain fresh without adhesion. In addition, it’s easy to do handmade fans yourself using our Ultra lash glue.


Trust us, using SenseLashes Lash glue in your eyelash treatments, whether it is 0.5s or 1-2s version, will undoubtedly improve your eyelash game and make your customer's eyelashes look great!